Affiliation to the Foundation:

The person wishing to become affiliated to the Foundation has to respond to the following conditions:

  1. Shall be at least Eighteen years old.
  2. Shall be a person who command respect and not to be condemned for any delict or crime.
  3. Shall be willing to serve the BPSF’s objectives; and who can contribute to its development plans.

The financial status:

Each affiliated member should pay L.L. Two Hundred and Forty Thousand annually as an affiliation fee. This amount can be paid in installments if the Administrative Board decides so.


If the conditions of affiliation prescribed in the Article 8 above are verified, the person in question should fill the Subscription Form /e-Form and send it to the Foundation along with a copy of his/her identity card and his/her civil status record.

The Administrative Board studies the case, examines the documents and takes the right decision by the majority.