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Our Beliefs

Following in the path of the late Bishop Philippe Shebaya, BPSF believes in the inherent goodness, integrity, and enormous potential of mankind.

Our Mission

The BPSF's mission is to empower others to grow personally, socially, culturally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually through services, cultural and spiritual events, shared stewardship of resources, and shared responsibility.

Our Logo

The BPSF's Logo graphically represents the face of the late Bishop Shebaya, with the word "Father" written in Arabic "Abouna", forming his collar.
That word describes the real mission of the BPSF:
"The caring father with an everlasting comforting smile, looking over his children's needs."



Our Roots

The Logo color is brown to show
BPSF's attachment to its roots.

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Provide care to Mentally and Physically Challenged Persons

Social integration of persons with intellectual disabilities in a family and local environment, social functioning of people with mild intellectual disability, social rehabilitation of people with moderate, severe and profound intellectual disability and specific contact with people with disabilities are BPSF’s main goal.

For us, the family is the source of acquisition of basic social skills that give the people with disabilities the opportunity for further development and performing important social roles.

Full acceptance of the intellectually disabled, dismiss their sense of shame and fear, and instill the satisfaction of belonging to a social community.

Provide Knowledge

A wise man once said that “There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two."

To fight terrorism, BPSF is helping needy young persons to proclaim education by getting them financial aid, empowering them with knowlege by organizing conferences, training sessions and educational and social activities.




Provide Food

Poverty and hunger are issues faced by many societies in the world. They are the main root of conflicts in communities.

While BPSF continues to provide emergency response by providing the basic needs – water, shelter and nourishment to people in need, it is focusing its efforts to help prevent hunger in the future by unleaching people capacities and assisting them to become active and productive citizens of the community.

They are also afforded the opportunity of counseling, healthcare and skill-building to help them reintegrate into society.

Help people stay rooted in their homeland

Over the past 50 years, Lebanese have moved from villages and small towns in the pursuit of their dream. Some are suburban dwellers, others are Emigrants.

BPSF is encouraging people to stay rooted in their homeland, by helping them to create small jobs and by creating new career opportunities.

Moreover, BPSF has a plan to get in contact with transnational migrants in order to maintain strong homeland ties. They are encoureged and provided with ways to help open businesses and improve family homes and farms in Lebanon.


Give back dignity to Homeless persons

Due in large part to the overwhelming need for shelter for many poor and displaced people, Mission Village (Dayaat Al Risala in Arabic) was established in 2011 with the aim of welcoming displaced, homeless and needy people to the community, by providing shelter and basic needs and/or giving them access to specialized NGOs that could help them further.

The purpose of this initiative is not only to provide a shelter, but to create a community. A project with the goal to help poor and disadvantaged people get back on their feet, restore their dignity and help them be part of something greater – a Community.