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Constitution of an association under the name of:
"Bishop Philippe Shebaya Foundation"
Location: Besharreh

Beirut, January 5, 2005

The Minister of Interior and Municipalities,
According to the decree number 13621 (October 26, 2004),

According to the provisions prescribed in the article 6 of the law regarding associations (August 03, 1909),

According to the request of the founders of the "Bishop Philippe Shebaya Foundation" registered at the Department of Political Affairs and Refugees under the number 2/5987 (December 30, 2003),

After the approval of the concerned parties,

Further to the request of the General Director of the Department of Political Affairs and Refugees,

Decides the following:
Article 1:         The constitution of "Bishop Philippe Shebaya Foundation" is declared:

Besharreh- HamelAllah- Property of Tarek, Mariam, Sirine-Claire and Halim, sons and daughters of Pierrot Halim Shebaya


1.      To follow the path of the bishop Philippe Shebaya and to immortalize its memory.

2.      To organize educational activities in order to help students in need of financial and moral support.

3.      To organize cultural activities such as conferences and seminars, to support the inventors and to establish a library.

4.      To work with the concerned parties in order to preserve the environment.

5.      To help orphans, handicaps, poor, old and ill persons financially and morally.

The founders:

Father Joseph Habib Succar, Dr. Youssef Hanna Taouk, Mtanios Youssef Taouk, Tarek Pierrot Shebaya, Michel Raffoul Fakhry, John Hamid Kayrouz and Joseph John Shebaya.

The representative of the association before the government: Joseph John Shebaya.

Article 2:     The Constitutional Committee should finalize the procedures of the Foundation and call for the election of an Administrative Committee within a year at most after publishing a notice of constitution in the local journal.

Article 3:     Each year, during the month of January, the association should send to the ministry of interior and municipalities a list under its members' names and the annual balance sheet. A month at least before the end of the administrative committee's mandate, elections of a new administrative committee should be held according to the provisions of the law published under the decree number 10830 (October 19, 1962) and its amendments.

Article 4:     This declaration shall be notified whenever necessary

BPSF headquarter is located in Besharreh

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