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Further to the passing away of the late Bishop Philippe Shebaya, many persons from the region of Besharreh suggested to follow his path by creating a social foundation with a mission to achieve this goal.

  • 2002      Mgr. Shebaya died on October 8.
  • 2002      The Municipality of Besharreh, in its meeting of November 2, dedicated a main street after his name. Decree #34
  • 2003      The statue of Mgr. Shebaya, which was scultured by M/s Nasri Taouk and Imad Saliba, and which is located in the above mentioned street, was innaugurated.
  • 2003      On December 30, a group of people submitted a request before the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities in Lebanon to constitute a social foundation under the name of: "Bishop Philippe Shebaya Foundation (BPSF)"(For more information please visit the different sections of the website)
  • 2005      On January 5, the BPSF was declared by the Minister of Interior and Municipalities.  (For more details please visit the Declaration, Bylaws and Regulations sections of the website).
  • 2005 to date BPSF achieved many goals and still to come. (For more details please visit the different sections of the website).
  • 2010      The BPSF General Committee met on August 8 and decided to create a BPSF new Chapter in Australia. (For more details please visit the Chapters section of the website).

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Following together the path of Bishop Shebaya, we can improve the quality of life of many.

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Fr. Joseph Succar
General Counselor

Joseph Shebaya

Ibrahim El-Khoury
Vice Chairman

Sarah Succar
Resource Development Officer

Rose Kayrouz
Marketing and Public Relations Officer

Samira Zina
Hospitality and Events Planning Officer

Mary Fakhry Rouhana
Secretary General

Jean Tarabay Rahmeh