Due in large part to the overwhelming need for shelter for many poor and displaced people, Mission Village (Dayaat Al Risala in Arabic) was established in 2011 with the aim of welcoming displaced, homeless and needy people to the community, by providing shelter and basic needs and/or giving them access to specialized NGOs that could help them further. 

This initiative is in no way a shelter, but rather a community.  A project with the goal to help poor and disadvantaged people get back on their feet, restore dignity and help them feel part of something greater – a community.

In the first stages of entering Mission Village (Dayaat Al Risala), people are provided with the basic needs – water, shelter and nourishment.  They are also afforded the opportunity of counseling, healthcare and skill-building to help the physically able people re-integrate into society, become active and productive citizens of the community, society and country.  Those that are either too young, too old or not able to re-enter or move on, will be accommodated in the Mission Village (Dayaat Al Risala), which will become sustainable through the various skills learnt at the centers.  These skills and professions help Mission Village (Dayaat Al Risala) citizens feel useful and active, while contributing to the sustainability of the community.

The principle organizers and care-takers of the Mission Village (Dayaat Al Risala) are:

·       “Fraternity Group of St. Takla’s Parish in Sed El-Boushrieh (FGST)”


·    “Bishop Philippe Shebaya Foundation (BPSF)”

Both of these non-profit, non-governmental institutions are motivated by the same vision and Christian spirit and have been cooperating together to work on this independent, humanitarian project.

For that purpose, “Saint Doumit Convent in Okeibeh’s Wakf” lead by Diocese of Jounieh graciously dedicated a 15,000 square meter land lot in Ghedress area, Lebanon.

A master plan for the land was prepared; it includes many buildings and a Chapel that shall be consequently built at different stages.

The plan is to start with the landscaping followed by the construction of the four main buildings:
·       Building A will house abandoned children

·       Building B will be the home to the homeless adults and elderly

·       Building C - The Administration
·       Building D - The Hospitality Building

A study was prepared, and the cost estimate to execute the mentioned works is around USD 5,000,000.

The Mission Home

Homeless Home Dekwaneh