The Mission Home is being build in Dekwaneh, Metn, aiming to welcome displaced, homeless and needy people, by providing shelter, food and basic needs. 

The principle organizers and care-takers of the Mission Home are:

·       “Fraternity Group of St. Takla’s Parish in Sed El-Boushrieh (FGST)”

·       “Beit El Samah"

·    “Bishop Philippe Shebaya Foundation (BPSF)”

All of these non-profit, non-governmental institutions are motivated by the same vision and Christian spirit and have been cooperating together to work on this independent, humanitarian project.

For that purpose, the Municipality of Dekwaneh, lead by Mayor Antoine Chakhtoura graciously dedicated a 400 square meter roof slab area to build-over the Center. The Center will house 13 female and 12 male persons, and will provide a daily lunch to 50 persons in collaboration with the Municipality of Dekwaneh.

The Mission Village

BPSF and FGST are getting fund to build the Homeless Center in Ghedress